Babiner Dental

Feasterville, Bucks County, do you need a dentist you can trust? Would you like to have the sort of dentists other dentists turn to?

Then look no further than Babiner Dental.


Run by Max and the rest of the Babiner family, it is no ordinary dental clinic. It’s a family specialty dental practice. It’s a clinic by a family, for your family.

Babiner dental family dentist Maxim

A True Family Dentist

The Babiner family has passed on its craft and passion for dentistry from one generation to the next. What does this mean? With their clinic, you get decades of experience, coupled with today’s innovations in the world of dentistry. The very best of both worlds!


These excellent dentists understand something clearly: you and your family are important. So you get no less than the very best in dental care, from a family of dentists who put your oral health first.


The clinic offers a vast array of dental care services. From dentures, braces, children’s dentistry, and dental implants, to crowns, whitening, root canals, cleanings, and even complete makeovers, Babiner has got you covered.  We use a team approach and coordinate with the best labs in the area to ensure the best treatment outcomes.


With 30 years of the Babiners’ combined experience in dentistry, Babiner Dental is the place to go when you need professional dental service, with the added touch of warmth that patients value.


The clinic’s dentists believe that the happiest patients are ones who feel that their dentist listens and provides consistent results.  That’s why patients are encouraged to communicate their concerns and ask questions. We take your goals and expectations seriously.


If you’d like you and your oral health to be put front and center, above all else, then we’re only place you should go. Giving you a great, healthy smile, is our chief focus.  You receive no less than the very best, top of the line, dental care.


The clinic is guided by the principles of minimally invasive dentistry.  The intent is to do no harm, and to allow nature to dictate treatment.  In other words, the treatment you get is the treatment you need, and you are always in charge of that decision. Learn more on the clinic’s website here:


Here’s one undeniable fact: dental health is important and connected to the health of your entire body.  When we offer treatment we consider all aspects of your health and strive to have you leave our office feeling confident in your smile.  We also guarantee our results – it’s how we prove to you that we stand behind our commitment to quality.


Get the treatment you deserve. Book an appointment today.