Babiner Dental Advice: How Oral Hygiene Influences Overall Health

Babiner Dental Advice: How Oral Hygiene Influences Overall Health

If you don’t already know this by now, there is research that establishes a very strong link between oral health and overall health.

Babiner Dental: A healthy mouth, means a healthy body


There is a clear relationship between diabetes and periodontal disease. It’s been shown that treating one issue, will usually help with the other. Diabetic patients who have uncontrolled gum disease actually have a harder time controlling their blood sugar.

Artery Health:

Uncontrolled gum disease bacteria in your mouth can increase the amount of inflammation in your entire body. This causes your arteries to clog with plaque, ruin the flow of blood in your body, and ultimately lead to a deadly stroke! This condition is known as atherosclerosis, and has been linked to periodontitis or gum disease.

A great mouth equals a great heart. Did you know that there have been studies indicating people with a lot of oral health issues – cavities, gum disease, and missing teeth – are more likely to suffer from heart disease?

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Pregnant women with uncontrolled gum disease face the risk of giving birth to preterm babies with significantly low birth weight. That’s why pregnant women need to remember not to skip that cleaning visit!


Inflammation from dental disease has even been linked to alzheimer’s disorder. The idea is that gum disease can cause more inflammation in the whole body and create the condition needed for brain health to deteriorate. Keeping your gums healthy to keep your brain health: that’s something to think about!

Rheumatoid arthritis:

Same concept here about inflammation. We know that inflammatory factors can aggravate arthritis and we know that uncontrolled dental problems can certainly increase inflammation in the entire body. An autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis induces painful inflammation of your joints. It destroys the connective tissues, just like gum disease. So it’s extremely important to see your dentist regularly, practice proper oral hygiene, and eat a diet rich in nutrients.

As we regularly tell our patients at Babiner Dental, Be smart. Stay healthy. Take good care of your oral health and keep smiling!