Books by Babiner

If you’ve ever wondered how to care for your teeth the way a dentist would theirs, then these books are most definitely for you!

Third generation dentist Max Babiner DMD of Babiner Dental, Philadelphia, is a very big believer in teaching patients all they need to know about dental care.


It’s his goal to make sure patients understand treatment.  That means making the explanations simple and easy to grasp.

Babiner dentist books written and authored by a certified doctor

Teeth for Life

Babiner believes that best results are achieved when the patient and doctor are on the same page.  “There can’t be a wide gap in understanding if we are to achieve the best end result,” Babiner says.  The patient should know their options and be able to choose the treatment that will best fit their lifestyle, budget and goals.  Teeth for Life. was written to help decrease the divide between what the doctor knows and what the patient knows.  It’s easy to read and has lots of images that help explain dental procedures.


Max Babiner made this book purposely short and packed full of basic information.  It was the first book he ever wrote and published so it’s a great place to start if you are looking to improve your basic knowledge of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and many other dental topics.

Smile: Your Guide to Outstanding Oral Health

In this really easy-to-read guide, you’ll find all things dental covered, so you know exactly what you might need to improve your oral health.


Among other things, you’ll learn the proper way to floss under bridges, all about replacing your teeth with dental implants, everything you need to know about crowns that look the most natural, and how to straighten your teeth – the invisible way.


This is a definite gem worth having in your library, and can serve as an easy to read dental encyclopedia since it’s packed full of color photos and useful info.

Smile with Confidence: Your Guide to Dental Implants

It’s one thing to smile. It’s quite a different ball game to smile confidently. In this book, Dr. Maxim Babiner shares his vast knowledge and experience when it comes to dental implants and getting the best possible results.


Have you ever wondered if  implants were for you? Maybe you are missing some teeth and were thinking about your tooth replacement options? Well, you’re sure to consider dental implants more seriously after reading this book.  It’s full of ideas and proof that dental implants are safe, predictable and usually the best choice for tooth replacement.


Babiner gives example after example of the whole new world that dental implants can give you. He also gives you ten solid reasons you absolutely need  to get implants if you are missing any teeth. Give this book a read and you’ll find that dental implant therapy is often quick, easy, and the best long term investment in your oral health.


Our waiting room is full of these books so feel free to pick up a free copy when you visit our bucks county dental office.